Mumtedoctor, Mumtearchitect, Mumtelawyer

There was a saying that was trending a few years ago that I had hoped was long ago buried; to my shock horror, I’ve seen it popping back up on social media pages recently … the freaking hideous term that is ‘Mumtepreneur’. 

I had hoped this had stayed in 2011 where it belonged ….

God do I hate this effing saying!!! I’m not a bloody Mumtepreneur and good luck to anyone who refers to me as that!


I maybe a mum who happens to run a business (and there’s crap loads of us around). But don’t undermine what I do be it as a mother or as an entrepreneur by combining those two important words.

Who ever thought that was a good idea!? Yes, I’m an entrepreneur who happens to also raise four kids (whom I love dearly) but neither has any bearing on the other. My abilities as a mother is not hindered or inflated by that fact that I run a business nor is my ability as a business owner affected by the fact I’ve pushed kids out.

Never has the word “Dadteprenneur” entered our vocabulary nor has any successful male business owner been referred to as that. I mean who the heck would say “Welcome to our speaker this evening, the Honourable Sir Richard Branson. Dadtepreneur and founder of Virgin”. I mean WTF!? If it’s not used for male business owners for the love of god do not use it to refer to a female business owner’s childbearing or otherwise. It’s so bloody patronising across so many levels.


You don’t call mum’s who also have careers as any of the following: Mumtedoctor, Mumtelawyer or Mumtearchitect. You don’t need to do both to be recognised as successful; whether you’re a stay at home mum of 6 to a career driven CEO who opted not to have kids your roles in 2018 are equally as important.

I’m a mum and I’m an entrepreneur and that’s OK, just don’t ever call me a Mumtepreneur!

Miss Lolo xx


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