Nipple Watch

Where the heck did Miss Lolo come from?

I spent all my working life (pre-Lolo days) as a fashion stylist. In a nutshell I saw A LOT of celebrities naked … from All Blacks in Jockey commercials and padding their nether regions in white bread (don’t ask!) to being on ‘nipple watch’ for B Grade celebs trying to increase their exposure who had decided modelling naked for a men’s mag was a good idea to trying to make sure that we took a beautiful dancing photo of a reality TV star who refused to wear underwear but desperately wanted to show us her high leg kicks (enter shocked face here).

One thing's for sure there was never a dull moment.

I learnt diplomacy very fast …. From turning down married All Blacks to back peddling when I asked another rugby player what he did for a job only to be told by the magazine editor (in a not so nice tone) “He’s the captain of the All Blacks”. A sports watcher I am not.

Aside from the awkward celeb encounters (and there are many!) including walking out of a job due to a very famous NZ’er (based overseas) and her equally as famous daughter deciding to lock themselves in the hotel bathroom 5 minutes before doing a live TV interview (there wasn’t enough money in the world for me to coax those two, acting like 2-years olds out of the toilet when they were being paid squillions just to be there) to dealing with crying Shortland Street stars on my shoulder who were upset that their co-star (who they were having an affair with) had to spend the weekend with their wife and kids (yes this happened on more than one occasion).

What it did teach me apart from the fact that most actors are a sausage short of a Barbie (in the nicest of ways) is that the parallels between fashion trends and interiors are incredibly similar. So while I may not be your classically trained interior designer I have huge experience in trend forecasting, putting together of colours and textures and still have Dominic Bowden’s phone number on my mobile (have no idea when that will come in handy but you never know).

Over and out,

Miss Lolo


  • Refreshing – enjoyed reading x

    Amanda Lupton
  • That was a fun read! A refreshing change from the mummy, fitness, inspirational, mindfulness blogs that pour into my inbox and just make me feel inadequate and bored. 🙃 look forward to the next instalment!

  • Awesome blog! Can’t wait for more

  • Love your style . Keep up your amazing work .

  • Love it! Keep em coming

    Liz Burrett

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