Tattoos, piercings and weird hair cuts

Whilst on holiday in Fiji a few weeks back my sexy husband (AKA Mister Lolo) and I headed out for dinner. We were sat between a stuffy American couple and a super fun gay couple from Sydney. I could feel eyes burning into my arm, subtle it was not. My husband noticed it as well (I’m going to assume the entire restaurant could that’s just how unsubtle it was!). Mister Lolo decided to confront them, turned and said sarcastically “I got my wife to wear a jacket to cover her arms so that people wouldn’t think she was in a gang.” (unfortunately for this couple a couple of my lower arm tattoos were exposed). The stuffy American couple responded with “Yes good idea.” and continued looking suitably unimpressed. The fun, gay couple on the other side keeled over with laughter.


Slightly shocked by their response my husband replied perplexed “Are you serious!? Her tattoos are butterfly’s, ice creams and care bears!?”.  Needless to say, we had dinner with the much cooler and open-minded Sydney gay couple!


I can honestly say that was the first time I’d ever felt judged by my tattoos and it got me thinking; Firstly how freaking lucky are we to live to live in a country where nobody gives two hoots over them and secondly wow some people are crazy judgmental!


My question is what should I look like? Because I’m late 30’s and a mother should I now look a certain way? Are tattoos and piercings and weird hair-cuts and colours suddenly out of bounds? Should I refine my appearance to appease the restrictions society has placed on women? … I say “(enter expletive here) no!!!!”.

Does it make me any less of a mother, business woman or wife as I have heavily tattooed arms? Is my ability to still work and cuddle my children affected? Due to me answering negatively to all of the above I’m going to quite confidently say it has absolutely no bearing on how my life or how my children live theirs. In fact I’m going to go as far as to say that I think it has the opposite effect. My children are growing up comfortable to be individuals, to not feel the pressure to look a certain way and to live their life confidently and expressively.

To those who feel I should cover my arms up or who want to pass judgment on others based on physical appearance, shame on you. And to those who rock the crazy locks and eccentric clothes, rock on! Life is way too short to worry about crap that doesn’t matter.

Signing off with a quote from one my fav’s Dr Suess “Why fit in when you were born to stand out.”


Miss Lolo xx




  • thank you for sharing this. I get judged everyday (in small town NZ) because I have short hair and wear skull jewellery. It is so boring. Its very sad that as a human race we fundamentally have not progressed very far when a person can get stressed because they see tattoos on a strangers body , and then feel it is ok to take that stress out on someone else. rock on sista!

  • You know I got a tattoo when I was 41, ahem, quite a few years ago now! I was in Melbourne with my mum, who’d had a mastectomy that year, on holiday and we’d had a win on the pokies. When mum asked what we should do with the winnings I said ‘get a tattoo.’ And that’s what I did. Of an angel and it’s still beautiful to me because of that special moment in my life. Let the haters hate and the stuffy get stuffed! Your body is your own, who cares what other people think? When you hit 50, trust me you won’t give a sh$&!!! Good for your hubby and don’t cover your arms, that’s their problem, not yours xxxxxxx

  • I recently got my second and third tats and now have one on my wrist (representing my kids) and one on my forearm to remind me of who I was, who I am and who I will be… a traveller (the tats a world map). I was quite worried about what people would think and then I thought stuff it, this stuff is for me! I’m proud that I am strong enough to go with my gut and just be creative

  • Wow. Can not believe the lack of respect. Good on Mr LoLo for taking a stand or a sit

    Liz Burrett
  • At least you 4 were the fun ones. It would be so sad to be out for tea and focused on some ones tattoos in a negitive way rather than enjoying the bliss.


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