The long lost Kardashian sister

I struggle with the phrase “social media influencer”. In all honesty, what is that?

I totally get I’m clearly not in the demographic that this new social media phenomenon is targeted at but as a mother of 4 daughters, these “influencers” scare the beejesus out of me!

I’d heard the phrase bandied about over the past couple of years but hadn’t really looked into what that was. Then I saw it pop up on Dancing with the Stars with a contestant called Jess and I thought to myself “Wicked! Now here is someone that is truly inspirational and inspiring for our daughters to look up to.” Heck, she overcame Cancer, was living life as a teenager with one leg and looked freaking awesome doing it! …. How-ever in further research she appears to be an “influencer” in a sea of other “influencers” who put quite simply are terrifying. Between having great bodies, great tans and the ability to take a great selfie paired with an inspirational quote on ‘loving yourself’, that appears to be where the talent begins and also finishes. Am I the only parent of daughters concerned that these are the inspirational images our daughters are looking up to!?

What disturbed me more was that there are now courses you can take to obtain a certificate in “Social Media Influencing.” Seriously!? So what do these courses essentially teach our daughters? A selfie stick coupled with tanned abs and the illusion of extreme wealth is something to aspire towards? So let’s work less, get people to give us free stuff and keep the goal alive to live life as the long lost Kardashian sister. Where are the influencers encouraging our daughters to be educated, confident in their own skin, environmentally and socially conscious? Influencers encouraging our daughters to be genuinely awesome people.

 Now I’m sure there are some equally wicked influencers who do deserve that title (I can name Constance Hall, Celeste Barber and Baddie Winkle myself – definitely check these guys out if you’re after an awesome, light hearted look at life in general) but these guys aren’t targeted at our pre-teen/teenage children who are easily influenced.

As a company that relies so heavily on social media I totally understand the importance social media plays in today’s society but as a mother of now 12-year old girls the realisation that these “influencers” flood their feeds with the latest ways to ‘have better hair, better skin, better bodies’ has become very frightening!

I’ll leave my rant here with a couple of my favourite quotes by the ultimate social media influencer of our time Kim Kardashian…

“Stretch marks are like, my biggest fear in life.”

“I hate it when women wear the wrong foundation colour. It might be the worst thing on the planet.”

And last but not least "I'm honoured that Kanye calls me his 'Perfect B$%&*.' I love it. I know he doesn't mean it in a negative way when he says that word." 

Wow. Just wow.

Miss Lolo xx





  • You’re a beaut. Says it all

    Liz Burrett

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