The Reason I Drink

The blog this week holds no inspirational message and no words of wisdom but it does give an insight into the man I lovingly refer to as Mister Lolo (AKA pain in the butt!).


Life is never dull with Mister Lolo in-fact it’s quite the opposite. I struggled to find the words to describe him aptly when the staff asked me to write a blog about him so I decided to let this letter his wrote to my beauty therapist sum up life with him instead ….

God help me.

Hi there,

 I’m in trouble and need help.

 I got my wife Tamzyn sweet FA for Valentines Day.

I never really have done anything for Valentines Day before for her, or any other woman …

I think it would just be safe if I asked you guys to pump her full of Botox in the face, not so much that she can’t talk but enough to get her to remain quiet about not getting anything today, and the last 9 years for that matter.

I know this request may be “frowned upon” (good pun hey!) but I know she will love the idea … well that and I really bloody hope so.

She usually says she spends like $600.00 on her face but I know this is a lie. I usually just double the amount she tells me with EVERYTHING and add lunch too, with wine, and a friend usually.

Plus, she had you guys put some in my face to reduce my “anger lines”. Never have I looked so happy when I’m pissed off.

Can I make her a booking with you guys as soon as possible please?

Then when she’s done just bill my credit card.

Maybe keep the amount half of what she says she can spend!

 Any questions please let me know!

Kind regards,

Concerned Male Husband Guy



Miss Lolo xx

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