Tie a knot and hang on

It’s been a tough couple of months … trying to helm a very fast growing business and crossing your fingers and toes that you’ve made the right decision … only to realise that these decisions you’ve made in fact haven’t been the right one at all and you’ve let 63,000 followers down. It’s a hard pill to swallow to learn you’ve lost money to international suppliers, orders are going to be delayed or even worse not fulfilled at all and everything you’ve worked so hard for is being derailed by obstacles completely out of your control.

But in business, you can’t blame anyone but yourself. My downfalls; I trusted too easily, was naïve in decision making and rushed to try and stay on top of a business that was growing like an out of control weed. Through those decisions, I have learned some very harsh lessons. Rather than put my hands up in defeat I swallowed my pride, emailed and posted my faults for all to see through our social media pages. I decided to be upfront and honest in my decision making and take the verbal and written punches that went with that decision from annoyed customers. I don’t disagree with any of the comments we received. We’d let people down and we deserved the backlash.

Every day we battle a new obstacle hidden behind the pretty façade of images on our Facebook page. From a website crumbling due to a previous coding decision causing variants to stop working and shipping to be charged in the hundreds. It continues to be a trying time. Today was a tough day. I broke down in front of the staff (which I NEVER do) and bared all my stresses and worries. With stress comes no sleep and after 3-days of solid worrying, it all got too much.

My husband, staff and business partner are amazing. On those rare occasions when it all gets too much they keep me putting one foot in front of the other, give me perspective and make me realise that nothing is as bad as what it seems. As a super positive person by nature when life gets on top of me it takes everyone around me by surprise when I can’t be the strong person everyone is accustomed too. This evening I’ve had a couple of wines, relaxed and have my perspective back.


Running a business is not easy. Stuff goes wrong daily and that’s never going to change. Whether you’re a small business or totally massive stuff is still going to go wrong. You can crumble in defeat or you can suck those tears up and find a way around the problem. Right now we have enlisted experts to fix and even improve our website capabilities and have our International production procedures down pat. Through these setbacks, we’re going to be bigger and better than we were before and for that I’m thankful.

In the words of Franklin Roosevelt "When you come to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on.”


Miss Lolo


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  • it happens to everyone no matter how smart or savvy they are – especially anything IT, even the experts don’t know how things will pan out sometimes. If you are honest and trust worthy everything will work out – believe in yourself and your customers! havent purchased from you yet but so close just money is tight, but I’m loyal to your brand which is worth something! keep going

    kathy fitchett

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