I’m ever so slightly obsessed with Sir Richard Branson …


So obsessed in fact that I emailed him every day for a year. Why you ask, I’m not entirely sure? I guess I was hoping that he’d see my persistent attempts as charming and invite me back to Necker island where he’d be so inspired by my crazy emailing that I’d become NZ’s first female entrepreneur to be backed by the legendary Virgin group and the Miss Lolo brand would take over the world. Think Miss Lolo Hong Kong, Miss Lolo London, Miss Lolo Los Angeles … and who knows maybe Miss Lolo makeup (watch out Kylie Jenner!)


I’m a persistent pain in the butt in everything I do … whether it’s emailing Richard Branson 300 times or getting my long-suffering designer Bailee to redo image after image until it’s bang on perfect (sorry Bailee!). Persistence coupled with dogged determination (and slight madness) is the only way any entrepreneur survives. My business decisions aren’t always met with a raft of applause, in fact, most times when I utter the fateful words “So I’ve had an idea” my husband and business partner both put their heads in their hands and think “Crap! Now what!?”.


I’ve learned that whether it’s running your own business or just trying to run your own life being confident enough to trust your gut and go with your decision it is ultimately what makes you successful. Sure, I ask people far more successful than me for advice all the time when I find myself up against a wall but at the end of the day, it’s my decision on how I choose to move forward from that spot. I don’t much care if those around me think my decision is a little too farfetched or a little too risky, at the end of the day you don’t get anywhere in business being safe. Have I made some stupid decisions in the past? Heck yes! Will I make some stupid decisions in the future? Bound too! But at least I’ve tried. If I don’t at least try I’m never going to know if that idea would have worked or not and life’s simply too short to die wondering.


So thanks Richard Branson for showing me how to go against the grain in business and totally rock it!

“Whatever your goal is you will never succeed unless you let go of your fears and fly.” Sir Richard Branson

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  • Where there’s a will there’s a way . Know it’s hackneyed saying but it’s true.


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