Merging the Passion for Design and Planet in her Online Business

Miss Lolo: Merging the Passion for Design and Planet in her Online Business

At Miss Lolo, we’ve been proactively making the effort to incorporate sustainable practices into our business. From packaging to products, we’re balancing our impact every way we can. And, as we start the new year and set new goals, we thought you, our customers, might like to start thinking about your own sustainable impact and ways in which we, as a collective, can be more sustainable together.

To make life easier, we stumbled across a kiwi business, CarbonClick, who really take the guesswork out of sustainability. CarbonClick makes it easy for you to take action against climate change, and as the name suggests, it's just one click.

CarbonClick launched their platform in early 2019 to help businesses to reduce their carbon emissions through carbon offsetting. CarbonClick looks like a green button at our online checkout, and when you click, it balances your carbon footprint. It does this by adding a small contribution to your transaction, which funds forest restoration, tree planting, and renewable energy projects that fight climate change. We’re proud to say that Miss Lolo is CarbonClick’s first customer and we now offer you, our customers, the opportunity to offset every purchase at checkout (and we hope you do).

I sat down with the team at CarbonClick to unpick the process of incorporating sustainable practices into a small business and share how easy it was to introduce carbon offsetting at checkout.

What inspired you to offer carbon offsets to your customers? The inspiration comes mainly from my 9-year-old daughter who is incredibly environmentally concerned and aware. She constantly pushes me to make more ethical and environmentally conscious decisions in every part of our day-to-day life. When the opportunity arose to adopt carbon offsetting into my company the answer was simple; "Of course, I would love to be involved!"

Have you made any other changes to increase the sustainability of Miss Lolo? We currently wrap all orders in a simple brown paper for dispatch but have recently designed new packaging that is completely compostable as well as our courier tickets, which from 2020 will also be completely compostable.

How easy was it to incorporate sustainable business practices into Miss Lolo? Incredibly easy! Within NZ there are several companies that offer sustainable products that are not only super easy to integrate within the business, but also look amazing and are less expensive than one may think. Environmentally sustainable products such as alternative packaging options have become more and more competitive price-wise over its previous competitors.

Was it easy to add CarbonClick's green button to your website? So easy! The team at CarbonClick has been awesome to work with. We didn't need to lift a finger!

Would you recommend CarbonClick to other businesses that are conscious of their sustainability? Definitely. It’s fantastic to support another NZ company that shares the same vision of creating a cleaner, greener NZ and planet for future generations.

What's the feedback from your customers so far? It hasn’t been long since we implemented the CarbonClick green button to our shopping carts, but the response has been great. We’ve noticed a change in people's buying behavior. Customers want to know that the businesses they are engaging with are ethical and sustainable. For us, incorporating the green button not only gives a confirmation of our commitment to sustainability but paves the way for carbon offsetting at checkout to become the new normal. 

What is your personal goal when it comes to carbon offsetting? I want to remove all the barriers that currently prevent people from carbon offsetting. Offsetting carbon emissions should be so easy it’s a no brainer to add it on to every purchase. We want to lead by example, educate our customers on the positive impact that just a click can make to the planet, and if we’re really thinking big, we’d love every purchase through Miss Lolo to be offset.

Why should more businesses become sustainable? All businesses (as well as individuals) have an obligation to help our environment. The options to change to sustainable products are readily available as well as financially competitive. It shouldn't be a "choice" anymore, it should just "be".

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