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How to choose the right wall mural
for your interior?

Whether you’re moving into a new home or re-decorating a wall-mural is an amazing way how to update your interior in an instant. It's simple to install and a great cost-effective way to achieve maximum impact.
By simply covering one wall it can totally transform the overall look, feel and atmosphere of the room. 

AWall mural is the perfect way to creating a focal point!

How do you want the wall mural to make you feel? 

When walking into the room or area you're interested in transforming, what are the feelings you want to provoke in yourself, your family and your guests?

Let the feelings you're trying to evoke create the scene and then select your wall-mural with those key emotive words in mind. 


Raise above the clouds and climb the stars each time when opening your bedroom doors. The peaceful and calming place where all stress and worries are left behind.


Create environment for meaningful conversations with your friends about art, love, culture, identity, how we are loosing the touch with the real world and the raising beauty of feminism.

So how to choose a design?

The rule Nr. 1 (and actually the only one) – Choose what you love. Whatever you do, remember that you are creating and decorating a unique space- an environment that has “You” in every little detail. This is not a place where to please someone or desperately follow trends, look at your interior as a blank space for your personality and everything brought into it should intensify your positive wellness and originality. .

How to know I’m choosing the right design and
I won’t get bored of it soon?

One of the most common fear people face when re-decorating or creating new interiors is fear of getting bored with the new setting or fear of not feeling good around it in a long term. We have a good advice for you here:
Choose the design that you love and save it as a photo- on your smartphone, computer desktop or even print it and pin to a wall, Now? Live with it for a few days or week. And if after those few days you feel in comfort and harmony with the design- It’s absolutely yours! And go for it.

Now, we want to underline “in comfort and harmony”, let us explain you why: There is a thing to note in this design trial practice- There is no doubt that design has stunned you when you first saw it and you can surely expect this to happen to all your guests and friends visiting your home. What were you thinking when first looking at the design? “Wow, this is ah-mazing”, “fascinating!”, “I love the details and could spend days just admiring this rich design”. Now these are the emotions anyone seeing this mural for the first time will have. But remember that you are the one living with it day to day, so after looking at design for a few days instead of having these very high and intense ''Uhh'' and ''Ahh'', you should feel more harmony when looking at it, not saying you shouldn’t feel in love with it anymore, it is still striking and impressive, but a bit more harmony and comfort is what you should seek in your feelings after a few days looking at design.

What Size Wall Mural Will Be Right For Your Room?

WWall murals can cover a part of wall or whole wall, depending on your interior specifications and preference. As it is a confident statement piece, you might want to avoid covering more walls with wall murals in the same area, as that can create an overwhelming feeling and result in imbalance. It should become a focal point and direct attention not shatter it.
When deciding on size for your wall mural- think of do you want to add to the interior or fully transform it? With a smaller scale or wall mural covering a part of the wall you can add a colour, provide a theme and direction for your interior.
A smaller scale mural might still be a focal point in the room, but would bind with the existing interior more. Whereas a large scale wall mural covering whole wall will become a strong focal point and might transform your interior incredibly.
Now while it is not advised to have more wall murals in the same room, you can most definitely go with a wall mural in every room. In that way you will create a an amazing journey through different feelings and will have a theme set for every room.

"Do you want to add to your interior or fully transform it?"

How exactly the customisation factor works?

Fully customisable product

Design is scaled to your dimensions. If you want to have a wall mural on a very narrow wall in a let’s say bathroom, it doesn’t mean you won’t get the whole design. Design is adjusted and objects in design moved around, so you get all of it’s beauty and don’ t miss a detail.

Design Mockup

Prior to the mural being printed we will  email you through a mock up to show you what it's going to look like at your desired dimensions. Once you have approved it -we hit print.

What if I all my walls have some “obstacles”
such as doors or window frames?

DSee, that is the beauty of customisable design wall murals- design elements can be moved to even fit with other elements and interior objects in your room. If you are having your favourite high-glass cabinet and want a wall mural to create a beautiful backdrop behind it, we will move the objects in design so they are in harmony with your furniture and let them shine as well. Not to mention, we take into account light switches, power plugs etc etc.

In conclusion, wall mural is like an art transformed on the entire wall. So think of it as of an artwork- trust your instincts and go for colours, combinations, patterns that evoke positive feelings in yourself. 

Create interior that inspires you and is truly yours.

What is your wall mural personality style?

Try our quick 60 sec wall mural personality test and get product suggestions



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